Latest documentation releases for Azure Cosmos DB

Nikisha Reyes-Grange

To help you get the most out of Azure Cosmos DB, we regularly publish and update technical documentation online.  Here’s a round-up of the most recent releases over the past month:

Quickstart: Build an app using Spring Data Azure Cosmos DB v3

The Spring Data Azure Cosmos DB v3 allows developers to use Azure Cosmos DB in Spring applications, with the Core API. By exposing the Spring Data interface this connector enables you to manipulate databases and collections, work with documents, and issue queries. Create and manage an Azure Cosmos DB SQL API account from the Azure portal and use a Spring Data Azure Cosmos DB v3 app cloned from GitHub. See documentation.


Spring Data v3 examples for Azure Cosmos DB Core API

The latest sample applications are included in a GitHub repository, and this documentation provides links to tasks, related reference content, and more. See documentation.


Use Power BI and Azure Synapse SQL serverless to analyze data in Azure Cosmos DB

You can now use Azure Synapse Link to build near-real time dashboards in Power BI and run T-SQL queries over Azure Cosmos DB data. Support for Azure Synapse SQL serverless enables these exciting new options. See documentation.


Upgrade MongoDB protocol version from 3.2 to 3.6

Use the latest Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB functionality by upgrading the wire protocol version in your account to the latest release. See documentation.


Move Azure Cosmos DB account between regions

Azure Cosmos DB is available in all Azure regions and can replicate your data across any regions you select. Discover how to migrate your account metadata and data to a new region and remove an existing one from your account. See documentation.


Troubleshoot availability issues in multi-region environments

This article describes the behavior of the latest version of Azure Cosmos SDKs when there are connectivity issues to a particular region or when a region failover occurs. See documentation.


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