Shweta Nayak

Senior Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

Shweta is a Senior Program Manager on the Azure Cosmos DB team.

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Intra-account container copy jobs for Core (SQL) and Cassandra API accounts (Preview)

Announcing the preview for Intra-account container copy jobs. This functionality helps create offline copies of containers for Azure Cosmos DB for both Core (SQL) API and Cassandra API using Azure CLI. When to use The container copy feature for Azure Cosmos DB is helpful for the following scenarios: Steps to use ...

Larger document sizes and $expr support in Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB

We are excited to announce these recent updates in Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB that enable larger document sizes and expressions in your queries.   16MB document support (Preview) To keep database operations as efficient as possible, it is best practice to keep documents to a small size. This applies to Azure Cosmos DB API ...

Build a Node.js app with Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB

Build a Node.JS application with Azure Cosmos DB using the API for MongoDB, React, and Express. A new five-part developer video series demonstrates key steps and best practices to help you get started.

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