Announcing Live Data Migration from Cassandra to Azure Cosmos DB

Theo van Kraay

We are excited to announce the private preview for the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra Connector. Customers can now migrate existing native Apache Cassandra workloads running on-premises or in another cloud with zero application downtime, providing a seamless path to running on Azure Cosmos DB.

Live Migrate data from Apache Cassandra using Azure Cosmos Cassandra Connector

The Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra Connector uses a replication agent to move data from Apache Cassandra to Cosmos DB. The replication agent is a java process that runs on the native Cassandra host(s) and uploads data from Cassandra via a managed pipeline. Customers need only download the agent on the source Cassandra nodes and configure the target Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API account information. The below diagram provides an overview of the setup.

Once installed, the replication agent takes a snapshot of the cluster and uploads the requisite files. After the initial snapshot, continuous ingestion starts as described below.

  1. The replication agent connects to the replication metadata endpoint to fetch the replication component information.
  2. The replication agent then sends the commit logs to the replication component.
  3. Finally, mutations are then replicated to the Cosmos DB Cassandra endpoint by the replication component.

On the destination Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API account, customers will need to verify the supported features of Cassandra here and estimate request units required. You can get request units required for each operation to help you plan the required request units.

Customers are already using the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra Connector:

“CCX enabled us to migrate a critical production workload from Cassandra to CosmosDB with no downtime, no code changes, and no manual data migration. The configuration was simple, replication was fast, and it was completely transparent to Cassandra and the other workloads on the cluster.”

Robert Rudduck Vice President, Architecture and DevOps, Ambit Energy

Get started

Customers interested in trying out the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra Connector can reach out to us at for instructions to download and run the replication agent and migrate data to Cosmos DB Cassandra API account.

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