Announcing General Availability of Azure Cosmos DB Integration with Vercel 

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai

We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of the Vercel and Azure Cosmos DB integration! This powerful combination empowers developers to easily build dynamic, scalable applications by leveraging the strengths of both platforms. 


Image Vercel Integration

Key Features of the Integration 

With the Vercel and Azure Cosmos DB integration, seamless data management and application deployment are now at your fingertips.  

The integration facilitates: 

  • Streamlined Data Handling: Azure Cosmos DB’s fully managed database service offers global distribution and horizontal scaling, making it an ideal choice for applications that require low latency and high availability. 
  • Optimized Application Performance: Vercel’s front-end hosting platform ensures fast and reliable application performance, enabling developers to focus on building rich user experiences. 
  • Effortless Configuration: Whether configuring existing Cosmos DB accounts or creating new ones, the integration process is straightforward and user-friendly. 
  • Configuring Existing Cosmos DB Accounts 

For those with existing Azure Cosmos DB accounts, integration with Vercel is simple. The following steps outline the configuration process: 

 Navigate to the Vercel Dashboard: In your Vercel account, go to the dashboard and select your project. 

  • Add the Cosmos DB Integration: Under the project settings, locate the integrations tab and search for Azure Cosmos DB. 
  • Link Your Cosmos DB Account: Follow the prompts to link your existing Azure Cosmos DB account. You will be asked to provide your Cosmos DB credentials and connection string. 
  • Verify the Integration: Once linked, ensure that the connection is active and test the integration to confirm proper setup. 

By following these steps, your Vercel project will be equipped to interact seamlessly with your existing Cosmos DB data, allowing you to harness the full power of Azure’s database services in your applications. 

Creating New Cosmos DB Accounts On-the-Fly 

  • For those new to Azure Cosmos DB, creating a new account during the Vercel integration process is equally straightforward: 
  • Initiate the Integration: In the Vercel project settings, go to the integrations tab and select Azure Cosmos DB. 
  • Create a New Cosmos DB Account: When prompted, choose the option to create a new account. You will be guided through the process of setting up your database, including selecting your desired configuration. 
  • Automatically Link to Vercel: Upon completion of the setup, the new Cosmos DB account will be automatically linked to your Vercel project. 
  • Test the Connection: After the account is created and linked, verify the integration to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. 

This smooth process allows developers to quickly set up and integrate a new Cosmos DB account, enabling rapid development and deployment of applications with robust data capabilities.  

Azure Cosmos DB – Next.js Starter Vercel Template 

 Vercel Templates, also known as Vercel Starter Projects, are pre-configured boilerplate projects that provide a starting point for building web applications or static websites. These templates are designed to work seamlessly with Vercel’s deployment platform, making it easier to get started with development. We have an Azure Cosmos DB Next.js template published on Vercel’s marketplace which is ready-to-use project structure and configuration, saving you time and effort in setting up the initial project setup. This allows you to dive straight into development without spending too much time on the project’s setup and configuration.  

Getting started 

The integration of Vercel with Azure Cosmos DB marks a significant enhancement for developers seeking to build high-performance, scalable applications. By simplifying data management and deployment processes, this integration empowers developers to focus on innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences. 

We encourage you to explore this new integration and experience firsthand the benefits it brings to your development workflow. Detailed documentation and support are available to assist you through the set-up and integration process. 

Start building the future of dynamic web applications today with Vercel and Azure Cosmos DB. 

For more detailed instructions and support, please visit the official Azure Cosmos DB and Vercel documentation. 

For assistance or to suggest improvements contact 

About Azure Cosmos DB 

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed and serverless distributed database for modern app development, with SLA-backed speed and availability, automatic and instant scalability, and support for open-source PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Apache Cassandra. Try Azure Cosmos DB for free here. To stay in the loop on Azure Cosmos DB updates, follow us on X, YouTube, and LinkedIn. To quickly build your first database, watch our Get Started videos on YouTube and explore ways to dev/test free.


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