WSL & Console team ch…ch…ch…chaaaaanges!

Rich Turner


Dear friends of WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux, nee “Bash on [Ubuntu on] Windows”) & Windows Console:

I would like to share with you some changes to our org’ that will benefit WSL, Windows Console and the Windows command-line in general moving forward.

After shipping a major new release, Microsoft often shuffles teams and people around to better align and optimize operations. After we wrapped-up engineering on Fall Creators Update a few weeks ago, we integrated the WSL engineering team into the organization that owns Containers and Hyper-V. This is a great move as it brings together several enormously talented teams all sharing the goal of making Windows a great platform upon which to run all your Windows *and *your Linux code!

Note: This doesn’t mean we’re merging products or code-bases: WSL, Containers, and Hyper-V continue to serve different segments of the spectrum of offerings that allow you to run Linux binaries on Windows. But it will mean we have a greater pool of people, experience, knowledge, and skills to draw from.

This integration also brought new PM’s to WSL: For those that don’t already know them, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Cooley (@virtualscooley), and Taylor Brown (@taylorb_msft) are the key PM’s working on the kernel-side of the WSL/Containers/Hyper-V house.

We’ve also been expanding our team here in Windows Developer Platform: Tara Raj (@tara_msft) recently joined our team and will be partnering with the base team, helping plan and deliver future WSL features. She’ll also be helping-out with a lot of our public-facing conversations on Twitter, Reddit, Stack Overflow, GitHub, etc.

The addition of these new team members means I’ll be able to dedicate more time to the Windows Console overhaul project, but I will still be working with Tara and Sarah & teams on WSL so I am not going to be far away! 🤪

Do please send Tara, Sarah, and team a tweet welcoming them the team.

And do feel free to reach out to us if you have questions/issues not already covered in our GitHub Issues (WSL, Console), asks on UserVoice, or after reading our docs (WSL, Console) and/or reviewing our WSL / Console learning materials.


Many thanks,

Rich Turner (@richturn_ms).



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