Predict and manage Azure Government costs using Resource Usage and RateCard APIs

Sachin Dubey

Government agencies need to be able to get detailed granular consumption data and derive insights to effectively manage their cloud consumption. The Resource Usage and RateCard APIs provide Azure Government customer access to their Azure consumption and pricing details:

  • Resource Usage API – Get usage data for an Azure Government subscription. Get more granular cost/usage break downs using resource tags (for example: assign a tag “Department ABC” or “Project X” to a VM or Database in order to better track spend on a resource and charge it back to an internal group within your agency). Get more details in the MSDN page the Resource Usage API.
  • Resource RateCard API – Get the list of the available resources, along with metadata and price information about them. To get more details, please read the MSDN page on the RateCard API.

To get started with this APIs leverage the billing API code samples on Github and adapt them to use the Azure Government endpoints.

Keep in mind that these APIs only support Pay-as-you-go and Trial offers. If you are a CSP customer or EA customer, you can still benefit from these APIs by using the Pay-as-you-go offer code ID when calling these APIs (OfferDurableId=MS-AZR-USGOV-0003P) to get estimates on your cost/usage.


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