Optimizing defense systems with Advanced services

Azure Gov Team

The proliferation of data from devices and sensors creates both challenges and opportunities for US armed forces. Today, data comes from both manned and unmanned platforms—ranging from form factors like the sophisticated instrumentation on a modern aircraft to the wearable gear.  The challenge in handling all this data lies in ensuring the intelligence delivered can be readily acted on with a high degree of confidence.

Assisting defense with advanced services

Defense agencies require agility to rapidly handle asymmetric threats in dynamic environments around the world. Military systems and devices deliver terabytes of reconnaissance data every day. The efficient processing and dissemination of this data to deliver situationally relevant intelligence is a constant challenge.

Azure advanced services help analyze massive volumes of data—delivering rich insights for accelerated operational responsiveness and building long-term strategic advantage. By leveraging the cloud, algorithms can process data at a previously unseen scale.


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