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Brenda Y Lee

We are happy to provide a preview of our new Azure Government Portal ( This portal provides an integrated experience allowing users to manage their Azure services and applications. Services included in the preview of the new Azure Government Portal are – Virtual machines (classic), Cloud services (classic), Storage accounts (classic), Virtual networks (classic), Audit Logs, and RBAC. Over the coming months, we will expand the number of Azure services with a UX in the new portal. The classic portal ( will continue to co-exist with the new portal so you can continue to access all your resources while we migrate.

We welcome any feedback you have – please comment on this blog post with any questions or comments.

Walking through the new portal experience

When you login to the new Portal, you will see existing resources you have created. You can manage existing as well as new resources in the new portal. You can also create custom dashboards.


Clicking on +New will open up the following blade. This is where you can create new classic compute, storage, or network resources. Virtual machine images that are currently available in the new portal are select Windows Server and SQL Server images. In the coming months you will see additional images in the new portal UI.

img 2

Clicking the browse will open a new blade with additional extensions. Clicking on the star next to the extension name will pin the item to the leftmost blade for easy access. If there is a square by the extension name, it will redirect you to the old portal.

img 3

On the upper right corner, you can search for resources, view notifications, change your portal settings, or send the portal team feedback on your experience.

img 5




Known issues

There are a number of known issues that customers should be aware of when using the portal during this preview period.


  • Sharing dashboards doesn’t work at this time.
  • Service Help is not yet available. Clicking on Service Health will open a blade that says “Loading…” but will not resolve.

Portal extensions

  • The Internet of Things blade is visible, but is not available in Azure Government.
  • Clicking on Browse will open up a new blade with additional extensions. Extensions that will not work at this time: API Management Services, Biztalk, CDN endpoints (classic), Machine learning workspace, Marketplace add-ons, RemoteApp collections, Service health, Templates.
  • If you try to view Audit logs from the browse menu, it will not work. You can view Activity logs from other entry points (for example from resource or from resource group).
  • Requesting support through the Help and Support UI is not yet available. You will see an error message if you try to click on any Help and Support related items.

Provisioning experiences

  • Resources created through the old portal and through PowerShell can be managed in the new portal.
  • You will only see a few VM images in the new portal, but you can still provision VM images through the old portal and through PowerShell.
  • Resource Manager mode is not yet available. When deploying Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, or Storage accounts, do not select the Resource Manager option.

Please leave a comment on this blog post if you run into any additional issues. Thank you!

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