Identity Guidance for Azure Government Apps Now Available!

Bernarldo Ellis

Getting identity right is important. On the Azure Government engineering team we receive a lot of questions about how to enable identity in an Azure Government application.

We recently released Planning identity for Azure Government applications; which serves as the first of many upcoming articles that cover key scenarios for Azure Government applications. In this article we set the foundation by covering questions such as:

  • Can I use an identity from Azure commercial to sign-in to an Azure Government application?
  • What are the considerations for selecting the Identity Authority for my Azure Government application?
  • How do I identity if I have an Azure Government tenant?

Feedback is highly encouraged! Specifically, if you have identity scenarios you’d like us to cover please post a comment or email us at

In the meantime go build some Azure Government applications, see what you can do, and let us know what else you’d like to see us cover!

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