Compliance is a commitment, not a checkbox

Rochelle M. Eichner

With the recent heartbreaking public safety events in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Minnesota and other locations around the United States, it was inspiring to have the opportunity for Microsoft to participate in the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) User Conference. It included over 700 law enforcement professionals strategizing on how to use technology to enhance their ability to achieve the goal of citizen and officer safety.

One of the primary objectives of law enforcement today is to deploy solutions that connect systems, people, and devices in real-time to improve police response…and implement these solutions in a secure and CJIS compliant manner. Microsoft Government Cloud services give agencies that opportunity. As indicated by South Carolina CJIS Information Security Officer, Bruce SmalleyAgencies can be CJIS compliant using cloud services. Microsoft has raised the bar for providing CJIS compliance attestation for the government cloud.”

In addition, Richard Zak, Director, Microsoft Justice and Public Safety, and I presented, “Delivering a CJIS-Capable Cloud for US Law Enforcement Agencies”, detailing Microsoft’s commitment to CJIS compliance and law enforcement solutions for offender and courts management, pro-active policing, CAD/RMS, and police video. These solutions are widely deployed today in law enforcement in a secure and compliant manner on Microsoft Government Cloud services reducing crime and improving officer safety.

Other cloud providers appear to treat CJIS compliance as a checkbox rather than a commitment. At Microsoft, we are committed to providing solutions that meet the applicable CJIS controls today and in the future. In addition, we extend our commitment to Justice and Public Safety thru to our Digital Crimes Center, Cyber Security Operations Center, Future Patrol Vehicle, and World-wide Justice and Public Safety organization 

For additional implementation information, review the Microsoft CJIS Implementation Guidelines. This document provides guidelines and resources to assist criminal justice entities in implementing and utilizing Microsoft Government Cloud features.

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