Azure Media Analytics Now Available on Azure Government

Steve Michelotti

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Azure Media Analytics on Azure Government. Azure Media Analytics is built on top of Azure Media Services, and provides a host of extremely compelling features that enable a wide range of government scenarios.

Examples of just some of the scenarios that Azure Media Analytics enables are:

  • Analyzing evidence collected from various media (e.g., body cams, dash cams)
  • Protecting identity by redacting faces in videos to comply with the Freedom of Information Act
  • Processing surveillance videos to dramatically speed up investigations
  • Motion detection of surveillance video to increase the efficiency of investigations
  • Face detection and emotion recognition in videos
  • Speech-to-text for all spoken words in a video

Azure Media Analytics technology leverages a collection of powerful processors for specific areas of functionality. These processors can be used either by themselves, or in conjunction with other processors to create custom workflows for your mission’s video analytics. These analytics workflows can execute in parallel at massive scale, while running on the Azure Government cloud which provides a compliant and secure environment.

The processors available in Azure Government today are:

  • Indexer – provides speech-to-text capabilities including the ability to generate standard caption files.
  • Hyperlapse – creates smooth time-lapsed videos from first-person cameras – ideal for body-worn and moving cameras.
  • Motion Detection – provides motion detection capabilities against stationary backgrounds – ideal for security cameras.
  • Face and Emotion Detection – provides efficient face tracking capabilities throughout the videos. Automatically indexes locations where faces are detected in the video and provides emotion metadata.
  • Face Redaction – provides automated face redaction capabilities to blur faces of selected individuals, eliminating hours of manual work.
  • Thumbnail Generation – provides the ability to either generate a summary video from significant frames in the video, or simply generate thumbnails based on a specified interval.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – extract typeset words from video, including the ability to specify where captions should be searched in the video.

These processors are incredibly powerful on their own – but you can also combine them with the incredible functionality of our Cognitive Services on Azure Government which provide facial detection and recognition, object recognition with computer vision, and language (both speech and text) translation.

You can start building compelling solutions with this cutting-edge technology on our secure and compliant Azure Government cloud today!

Explore Azure Government here or contact us to learn more.

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