Azure Form Recognizer now processes IDs in Azure Government

Lu Zhang

Azure Form Recognizer can analyze and extract information from government-issued identification documents (IDs) using its prebuilt IDs model now available in Azure Government to help reduce complexities and errors that come with manually extracting data from various ID types and formats.

With identification documents widely used in government processes, the new prebuilt IDs model combines our powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities with ID recognition capabilities to extract key information from worldwide passports and US driver’s licenses (all 50 states and DC), such as first name, last name, date of birth, document number, and more.

Key uses for Form Recognizer prebuilt IDs:

  • Digital onboarding – End users can use a mobile application to scan their IDs and onboard to various services. Remote customer verification is aided by IDs data extraction.
  • Validation and IDs matching – End users can fill out an application and attach images of IDs. Pre-built IDs enable a bank to verify the information matches with data on hand.
  • Forms pre-population – As part of an insurance claim process, end users submit their IDs and fields are pre-populated in online documents, saving time in the process.

How to get started with Form Recognizer prebuilt IDs:

  1. Create a Form Recognizer resource in the Azure Government portal
  2. Follow the QuickStart guides to analyze using a prebuilt IDs model
  3. Try Form Recognizer client library or explore our reference REST API
  4. Understand IDs concept

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