Azure SDK Release (October 2022)

Azure SDK

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You can find links to packages, code, and docs on our Azure SDK Releases page.

Release Highlights

Welcome to the October release of the Azure SDK. See the release notes below for a full list of our releases.

  • Azure App Configuration Provider for Python
  • Azure Core Experimental for Python
  • Azure Identity for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • New stable releases for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python with updated multi-tenant application support. Read more on our blog.
    • New beta releases for .NET, Java, and JavaScript with added in-memory token caching support in Managed Identity Credential.
  • Azure Key Vault for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go
    • Minor version releases. Read more on our blog
  • Azure Maps Geolocation for Python
  • Azure Maps Render for Python
  • Azure Maps Route for Python
  • Azure Maps Search for JavaScript
  • Azure SDK for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go Management Libraries
    • .NET: 47 initial stable releases (including API Management, Change Analysis, Lab Services, and Redis Enterprise) and 36 initial beta releases
    • Java: Two initial stable releases
    • JavaScript: One initial stable releases and four initial beta releases (including Network and Compute)
    • Python: Two initial stable releases
    • Go: Two initial stable releases and three initial beta releases
  • Data Protection Backup Management for .NET
  • IoT Device Update for Java and JavaScript
    • Initial stable release
  • Security DevOps for .NET
  • Schema Registry for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • Beta release now supports in-preview JSON Schema in addition to Avro.
  • Speech vNext for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • Beta release
  • Question Answering Authoring for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • Beta release

Release Notes


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