Azure SDK Release (May 2022)

Azure SDK

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You can find links to packages, code, and docs on our Azure SDK Releases page.

Release Highlights: New Releases

Welcome to the May release of the Azure SDK. See the release notes below for a full list of our releases.

  • Azure SDK Management Libraries for Go
    • New stable releases: More coming soon on our blog.
  • Event Hubs for .NET and JavaScript
    • Stable release: This release includes the buffered producer, which implicitly manages event batching, relieving applications of the burden of explicitly building batches. The .NET package also includes a BlobCheckpointStore, which allows for a much easier path to batch-based processing.
  • Identity for Go
    • Initial stable release
  • Key Vault Keys, Certificates, and Secrets for Go
    • New beta releases
  • Schema Registry Avro for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python
    • Initial stable release: Read more on our blog.
  • Service Bus for Go
    • Initial stable release
  • Tables for Go
    • Initial stable release

Release Supportability

  • The Azure SDK for Go now requires Go version 1.18 to support generics. This change won’t break customers using old code bases. Customers can upgrade to version 1.18 and still run their current code. They can’t, however, run the Azure SDK for Go libraries with versions 1.17 or earlier.
  • Support of Python 2 ended on January 1, 2020. Upgrade to Python 3 to avoid any issues and potential security vulnerabilities in your applications. The Python Software Foundation (PSF), provides a tool (2to3) to automatically migrate from Python 2 to Python 3 and a migration guide with more detailed information.

Release Notes


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