Azure SDK Release (May 2021)

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Release Highlights

Welcome to the May release of the Azure SDK. We have updated the following libraries:

  • Azure Attestation for .NET and Python version 1.0

  • Azure Confidential Ledger version 1.0: Initial Release

  • Azure Container Registry version 1.0: Initial Release

  • Azure Cosmos DB client library for Java version 4.15

    • Added backendLatencyInMs in CosmosDiagnostics for DIRECT connection mode and retryContext in CosmosDiagnostics for query operations.
  • Azure Functions for .NET version 1.0: Initial Release

  • Azure Purview Catalog version 1.0: Initial Release

  • Azure Purview Scanning version 1.0: Initial Release

  • Azure SDK for Python (Conda) preview packages are now available in the Microsoft channel

  • Azure Web PubSub version 1.0: Initial Release

  • Cognitive Search version 11.3.0-beta.2

    • Added support for Semantic Search, a collection of query-related capabilities that add semantic relevance and language understanding to search results.
    • Added support for Knowledge Store, a feature of Azure Cognitive Search that persists output from an AI enrichment pipeline for independent analysis or downstream processing.
    • See change log.
  • Event Grid, Event Hubs, and Service Bus Azure Function extensions are now available. Event Hubs and Service Bus extensions have added MSI support.

  • Event Grid for .NET, JavaScript, and Python (version 4.2) and for Java (version 4.3)

    • Java: added new Storage System Events: StorageAsyncOperationInitiatedEventData, StorageBlobTierChangedEventData and new Policy Insights System Events PolicyInsightsPolicyStateCreatedEventData, PolicyInsightsPolicyStateChangedEventData, PolicyInsightsPolicyStateDeletedEventData.
    • JavaScript: added new Storage System Events: Microsoft.PolicyInsights.PolicyStateCreated, Microsoft.PolicyInsights.PolicyStateChanged, Microsoft.PolicyInsights.PolicyStateDeleted, Microsoft.Storage.AsyncOperationInitiated, Microsoft.Storage.BlobTierChanged.
  • Identity for .NET (version 1.4), Java (version 1.3), JavaScript (version 2.0), Python (version 1.6), C++ (version 1.0). See the following change logs:

    • .NET:
    • Java:
    • JavaScript:
    • Python:
  • Service Bus for .NET (version 7.2), Java (version 7.3), JavaScript (version 7.1), and Python (version 7.2)

    • JavaScript: added support for passing NamedKeyCredential as the credential type to ServiceBusClient and ServiceBusAdminstrationClientand for passing SASCredential to ServiceBusClient.

Release Notes

Azure SDK Blog Contributions

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  • Alexandre Nedelec 0

    I do not understand what package is ‘Azure Functions for .NET version 1.0: Initial Release’ ? Do you have a link or documentation about this initial release ?

  • Neil MacMullen 0

    Always amazes me when I see an announcement of a new release for something *without any indication of how to update to it* 😉 If I’m a VS user, I assume this “release” will just turn up as what… ? A Visual Studio update ? A new set of nuget packages ?

    • LaDonna QuinnMicrosoft employee 0

      Which release are you interested in understanding how to update? We appreciate your feedback, and we make every effort to incorporate suggestions to improve the content of our blogs. We have added additional content, links to supporting blog post, and code snippets to the June release blog. We hope that you will find it more useful.

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