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Release Highlights

Welcome to the July release of the Azure SDK. We have updated the following libraries:

Stable Releases

  • App Configuration for .NET, Java (version 1.1) and JavaScript, Python (version 1.2)
    • Adds FeatureFlagConfigurationSetting and SecretReferenceConfigurationSetting models.
    • Adds update_sync_token to update sync tokens from Event Grid notifications.
  • Azure Communication Services
    • Azure Communication Services Calling for iOS (version 1.1). CallAgent and CallClient now have dispose API to explicitly delete objects instead of relying on ARC.
  • Azure Cosmos DB for Java (version 4.17)
    • Adds a new feature to adjust the MicroBatchSize dynamically based on throttling rate in BulkExecutor.
    • Fixes an issue with Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication in Strong and BoundedStaleness in direct mode.
    • Fixes an issue where ChangeFeedProcessor was resuming from zero continuation token for new partitions on partition splits.
  • Azure Data Tables version 12.1
    • Adds support for Azure Active Directory (AAD) authorization to TableServiceClient and TableClient. This enables the use of TokenCredential credentials in client builders. Note: Only Azure Storage API endpoints currently support AAD authorization.
    • Read more here: Announcing the new Azure Data Table Libraries.
  • Azure Metrics Advisor for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python (version 1.0)
    • Metrics Advisor is a scalable real-time time series monitoring, alerting, and root cause analysis platform. Use Metrics Advisor to analyze multi-dimensional data from multiple data sources, identify and correlate anomalies, configure and fine-tune the anomaly detection model used on your data, and to diagnose anomalies and help with root cause analysis.
    • Features for the SDK include managing data feeds, managing detection configurations, managing alert configurations, query anomalies, query alerts, query incidents, and query time series information.
    • See samples at: .NET, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python
  • Event Hubs for .NET (version 5.5), Java (version 5.9), and Python (version 5.6)
    • Adds additional fields to EventData, which now supports construction using a string to specify the event body.
    • Adds support for sending AMQP annotated messages, which now allows full access to the AMQP message fields.
  • Microsoft Azure Attestation for Python (version 1.0)
    • All certificates and keys accepted and returned by the SDK are now PEM encoded strings instead of DER encoded arrays of bytes for easier manipulation and interoperability.
    • Renames several time-related properties to be consistent with Key Vault.
  • Service Bus for .NET (7.2), Java and JavaScript (version 7.3)
    • Adds support for receiving from dead-letter queue (DLQ) for ServiceBusProcessorClient and session receiver through the use of subQueue.
    • Adds support for using AzureSasCredential and AzureNamedKeyCredential to access a service bus in ServiceBusClientBuilder, allowing updates to credentials for long-lived clients.
    • Enables cross entity transactions support.
  • Text Analytics for .NET, Java, JavaScript, and Python (version 5.1)
    • Adds a new feature, Personally Identifiable Information(PII) Entity Recognition, which recognizes and categorizes PII entities in its input text, such as Social Security Numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers, and more. Read more here: Personally Identifiable Information.
    • Adds a new feature, Healthcare Entities Analysis, which extracts and labels relevant medical information from unstructured texts such as doctor’s notes, discharge summaries, clinical documents, and electronic health records. Read more here: How to: Use Text Analytics for health.
    • Adds a new feature, Multiple Actions Analysis, which allows the user to choose which of the supported Text Analytics features to execute in the same set of documents. Currently, the supported features are: entity recognition, linked entity recognition, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) entity recognition, key phrase extraction, and sentiment analysis. Read more here: Using the API asynchronously.
    • Adds Azure Active Directory (AAD) support for the begin_analyze_healthcare_entities methods.

Preview Releases

  • Azure Blob Storage, Data Lake Storage, Files, and Queue Storage has released SDKs with Azure Storage Service API version 2020-10-02. This version:
    • Adds the ability to delete root blobs with versions. Read more here: Delete Blob.
    • Adds the ability to utilize OAuth for source authorization on synchronous copies. Read more here: Put Blob from URL, Copy Blob, Put Block from URL, Put Page from URL, Append Block from URL, and Put Range from URL.
    • File-Id is now returned unconditionally in the response body for List Directories and Files.
    • Directory-Id is now returned in the response body for List Directories and Files.
  • Azure Cognitive Search for .NET (version 11.4), JavaScript (version 11.3), and Python (version 11.3)
    • Adds Azure Active Directory (AAD) support.
    • Adds normalizer support and support for semantic search.
  • Azure Compute, Network, Resources, and Storage for Javascript – new resource management packages
  • Azure Core and Azure IoT for Embedded C (version 1.2)
    • This release marks the public preview version of a new set of APIs to simplify the experience using Azure IoT Plug and Play. The APIs can be found in the header files: az_iot_hub_client.h and az_iot_hub_client_properties.h.
    • To get started and view samples, go to the IoT Samples README from the Azure SDK for C repo.
  • Azure Monitor
    • Azure Monitor for Go
    • Azure Monitor Open Telemetry Exporter for JavaScript (version 1.0)
    • Azure Monitor Query for .NET and JavaScript (version 1.0). The include-render header can now be specified via QueryLogsOption.includeVisualization, allowing visualization information to be returned.
  • Container Registry
    • Container Registry for Go
    • Container Registry for Python (version 1.0)
  • Identity
    • Identity for Java (version 1.3), JavaScript (version 2.0), and C++ (version 1.1)
    • Identity Cache Persistence and Visual Studio Code Credential for JavaScript (version 1.0): initial release. These packages extend the functionality of the main Identity package (@azure/identity) to include interoperability with a secure secret store.
  • Key Vault
    • Key Vault Administration for JavaScript (version 4.1)
    • Key Vault Keys for Java (version 4.4), JavaScript (version 4.3), Python (version 4.5), and C++ (version 4.0). These SDKs add support for the getRandomBytes() operation which, when connected to a managed HSM, can be used to generate a byte array of a given length with random values.
  • Translator for .NET and Python (version 1.0)
    • Offers real-time text translation and document batch translation.

Release Supportability

  • Starting in July, updated JavaScript libraries will drop support for Node.js 8, which reached end of life in January 2020. For more details, please see our support policy.

Release Notes

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