Bintray Sunset

Martin Strobel

Bintray Sunset

Since Azure Notification Hubs published its first SDKs to JFrog’s Bintray in April of 2016, many other Azure services have joined us and started publishing Java SDKs. However, this led to some divergence, with other SDKs by-and-large being published on Maven Central. This has long been a papercut we’ve wanted to fix, but without any trouble forcing urgency on the matter.

However on February 3rd, 2021, JFrog announced that they will begin shutting down services that are currently used to host our SDKs. This has provided the catalyst necessary to move our SDKs to Maven Central.

What’s Moving?

Available now, we’ve published the following libraries to Maven Centeral:

To ensure as easy of a transition as possible, we’ll leave everything currently available on Bintray there until they turn off the servers. We’ve also migrated all of the previous versions of these libraries to Maven Central. Because of differences in metadata requirements to publish on these sites, you may notice that these packages have been re-signed and won’t have matching MD5 thumbprints. However, both copies have identical code, and will behave exactly the same regardless of the source used to retrieve them.

Moving forward, updates to these libraries will only be published to Maven Central.

How do I make the update?

Because the group and artifact IDs of the packages we’re moving have not changed, moving is simple. Gradle users need only update the list of repositories to read from:

// This is a snippet from a project-level gradle file.
allprojects {
    repositories {
        jcenter() // once all other dependencies you rely on published here have migrated away, feel free to remove this line.
        mavenCentral() // add this line

Android SDK Dependencies

For the Android SDK, versions 1.0.0-preview1 and beyond rely on the popular HTTP library Volley. Since this library was also hosted on Bintray, they too are impacted by JFrog’s decision. Unlike Azure Notification Hubs, they’ve decided to only publish new versions to Maven Central. New versions of our SDK, starting with v1.1.6, will adopt Volley 1.2.0. However, older versions still rely on v1.1.1, which is only available on JCenter. There are two ways to work around this:

  1. (Recommended) Adopt the newest version of the Android SDKs.
  2. Override the version of Volley to use 1.2.0, by declaring a dependency on it in your application.

What if I need help?

As always, if you encounter any issues or have any questions about using our SDK, please feel free to post questions on GitHub, Stack Overflow, or Microsoft Docs Q&A.


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