Martin Strobel

Senior Software Engineer, Azure Notification Hubs

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Targeting Random Users

Computer systems are notorious for being able to do many precise operations quickly, but struggling to do things at random. Imagine you want to A/B test two different notifications on a small set of your user base before broadcasting a promotional offer to everyone. How would you choose two random subsets of your users? How would you make sure...
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Bintray Sunset

Bintray Sunset Since Azure Notification Hubs published its first SDKs to JFrog's Bintray in April of 2016, many other Azure services have joined us and started publishing Java SDKs. However, this led to some divergence, with other SDKs by-and-large being published on Maven Central. This has long been a papercut we've wanted to fix, but ...
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Use Templates Effectively

Every time development of a new mobile app starts, one of the first questions that needs to be answered is, "How are we going to support both iOS and Android?" Deciding on a technology to build the client-side app logic and UI alone is complicated enough, extending client specific knowledge into your backend is only going to exacerbate that ...