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Senior Program Manager

I am a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft working on Developer Tools.

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New Dark Theme Available on Visual Studio App Center

Thanks to you taking the time to request features via our Github repo, we are excited to announce that dark theme is available in App Center.

Announcing the General Availability of App Center Diagnostics

We have been working hard to improve App Center Diagnostics, making it more robust, performant, and scalable. From your feedback we are also bringing you a consolidated UI, combining crashes and errors in one view, as well as introducing a more intuitive symbol upload experience. With these changes, we are happy to announce Diagnostics is a Generally Available Service and no longer in preview
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App Center Errors: Monitoring and Keeping Your Xamarin Apps Healthy

Building and shipping a successful app is a challenge. Monitoring and keeping your app healthy is even more challenging and time-consuming. Once you ship your app into the wild, unexpected errors often occur as real users start engaging with it; staying on top of them is crucial to the success of your app and business. As a developer, you need...
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Better Decisions Through Better Analytics: Visual Studio App Center with Azure Application Insights

To properly manage your development pipeline and product strategy, you first need understand your users and how they interact with your apps. Visual Studio App Center Analytics offers free, glanceable, out-of-the-box analytics to get anyone started, and simple integration with Azure Application Insights gives even the most data-hungry business...
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