A Year in Visual Studio App Center Test

Glenn Wester

    Our team is proud of what we brought you with Visual Studio App Center’s physical device testing service in 2018, which included greatly exceeding 3,000 physical devices in our lab, same-day operating system updates for iOS/Android, and seamless upgrades from Xamarin Test Cloud to App Center. If automated UI testing is not already part of your development pipeline, App Center can help. Log in or create your free App Center account to get started today!        

New Devices

App Center is committed to providing access to cross-platform, multi-format devices, including the latest mobile phones and tablets so that you can test your app thoroughly on real devices, ensuring your users will have the best experience. This year we added new and popular devices such as iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, Samsung Galaxy, Tab S4, Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, LG G7 ThinQ, Google Pixel 3 / XL, Essential Phone and many more!        

Operating System Updates

In today’s fast-moving mobile world, we know that it’s important to deliver a high-quality experience on the latest platforms and operating systems. Over the past year we’ve delivered same-day support for iOS and Android major versions; iOS (12.0) and Android Pie (9.0) Get ahead of any breaking changes to your app that could be caused by this major platform update.        

Extension-less XCUITest Support

To make it even easier to run your XCUITest tests in App Center, we’ve eliminated the need to modify your Xcode project. XCUITest tests can now run on App Center without linking the App Center XCUITest Extension framework. Removing the need for this extension greatly simplifies how end users can go from local testing to easily running on multiple devices in App Center Test Cloud.

Improved Test Notifications

When a test run is complete, we’ll send all collaborators of your app an email with the results of your test run. This report is now configurable by navigating the App -> Settings -> Email Notifications -> “When a test run is completed”.


Get Started Today

We have a lot of exciting plans for App Center Test in 2019. We look forward to providing even more hardware so you can continuously verify quality in your mobile apps. If you have not already done so, sign-up for free today!    

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