Xamarin MVPs Expand with More Awesome!



Since the introductionXamarin MVP of the Xamarin MVP program in 2013, our MVPs have been busy sharing their love and understanding of mobile app development with a growing community of more than than 880,000 Xamarin developers worldwide. Supporting this growth are amazing community members who show their passion for all things C# and F# by sharing their experience and knowledge with the world.

Xamarin MVPs have earned recognition for significant contributions to the community, including:

  • Writing great articles, books, and blog posts
  • Speaking in public and online
  • Sharing and building amazing libraries
  • Helping developers online in our forums, on Twitter, Stack Overflow, and other communities
  • Shipping awesome apps

Today, we’re extremely excited to recognize and welcome our latest Xamarin MVPs, below, for their remarkable contributions to the community!

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enriqueEnrique AguilarLaurent Bugnionlaurent
cheesebaronTomasz CieleckiJesse Libertyliberty
lipskyJon LipskyRoger Petersroger
rachelRachel ReeseBrent Schooleybrent
sniderEd SniderMichael Stonisstonis
alecAlec Tucker

If you know of an outstanding developer who would make a great Xamarin MVP, please nominate him or her here.


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