Please Sign Here: Open Source Signature Component

Pierce Boggan

From legal documents to completed field service and sales orders, the ability to capture a signature on a mobile device modernizes old world, paper-based transactions. However, it can be quite a bit of work to develop signature functionality for one platform, let alone to make it work across multiple platforms. To that end, we are pleased to announce the availability of our open source, cross-platform Signature Pad component.

cross platform signatures

Signature Pad is a modern component that makes the task of capturing a signature incredibly easy. It allows you to capture a touch-based signature with this simple code:

var signature = new SignaturePadView (View.Frame);
View.AddSubview (signature);

That’s all it takes to produce the following screenshot:

basic signature

Signature Pad can also be easily customized. It includes support for modifying attributes such as:

  • Stroke color and thickness
  • Background images for watermarks
  • Background color
  • Signature line adornments

For example, the following code changes several of these attributes:

var signature = new SignaturePadView (View.Frame) {
  StrokeWidth = 3f,
  StrokeColor = UIColor.Green,
  SignatureLineColor = UIColor.Yellow,
  BackgroundColor = UIColor.Black
signature.SignaturePrompt.Text = "✍";
signature.SignaturePrompt.TextColor = UIColor.Yellow;
signature.Caption.TextColor = UIColor.White;
signature.Caption.Text = "Please Sign Here";

This results in a more custom look, as shown below:

custom signature

Additionally, the signature pad has great support for retrieving an image representing the signature. Simply calling GetImage returns the platform specific image type:

// iOS
UIImage image = signature.GetImage ();
// Android
Bitmap image = signature.GetImage ();
// Windows Phone
WriteableBitmap bitmap = signature.GetImage ();

You can get the code for Signature Pad from our Github repo. We’re happy to make this available to the community and look forward to seeing what you do with it.


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