Easily Create iOS User Interfaces with MonoTouch.Dialog

Nat Friedman

Just two days ago, we launched MonoTouch 5.2, featuring a memory profiler, unit testing framework, and a new generational garbage collector. With this release we also bundled a popular library called MonoTouch.Dialog; so it’s as easy as adding a new reference to the library to include it into your project.

MonoTouch.Dialog makes building native user interfaces in iOS incredibly easy. But how do you actually use it? Mike Bluestein, who you might recognize from our Xamarin Seminars, has created a 15 minute introduction on MonoTouch.Dialog to get you started.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OC5r8ZkYg]

Important: To view this video in HD, open it up in YouTube or select 720p in the video above.

Using MonoTouch.Dialog allows applications to be created with rich, table-based user interfaces, without all the complexities associated with creating such interfaces manually. At the same time, MonoTouch.Dialog doesn’t limit the ability to customize such applications. This video introduces MonoTouch.Dialog by way of an example that demonstrates how to create a master- detail style of application. It shows how to use MonoTouch.Dialog to present hierarchies of information and use it to create table based user interfaces automatically.

For additional information be sure to check out our MonoTouch.Dialog tutorial.


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