Congratulations to our Xamarin MVPs

Joseph Hill

Perhaps the most important trait of any successful platform is the community that develops around it. In the 2 years since Xamarin brought C# to iOS and Android, the Xamarin community has grown at an astonishing pace to over 350,000 developers. Such rapid adoption wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of committed developers in our community: talented and enthusiastic Xamarin fans who build amazing things with C# and share what they have learned with others.

Today, we’re officially recognizing some of our community’s Most Valued Professionals by launching the Xamarin MVP program. Xamarin MVPs have earned recognition for significant contributions to the community, including

  • Writing great articles, books, and blog posts
  • Speaking in public and online
  • Helping developers online in our forums, on Twitter, Stack Overflow and other communities, and
  • Shipping outstanding apps

As such, and in recognition of their significant contributions to the aforementioned, we proudly welcome our inaugural Xamarin MVPs:

  • Jason Awbrey
  • Paul BettsXamarin MVP colored
  • Jonathan Dick
  • Brett Duncavage
  • Wallace B. (Wally) McClure
  • David Ortinau
  • Jonathan Peppers
  • Greg Shackles
  • Stephen Shaw
  • Pavel Sich
  • Dimitris Tavlikos
  • Ian Vink
  • Nic Wise

We’ll be recognising new MVPs on an ongoing basis, so if you know a developer that should be a Xamarin MVP, please nominate them.

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