Essential .NET – Essential MSBuild: A Build Engine Overview for .NET Tooling (MSDN Magazine)

Ilya Biryukov [MSFT]

Those of you who have been following .NET Core over the past few years (has it been that long?) know all too well that the “build system” has experienced a significant amount of flux, whether it be dropping built-in support for gulp or the demise of Project.json. For me as a columnist, these changes have been challenging as I didn’t want you, my dear readers, to spend too much time learning about features and details that ultimately were only going to be around for a few months. This is why, for example, all my .NET Core-related articles were built on Visual Studio .NET 4.6-based *.CSPROJ files that referenced NuGet packages from .NET Core rather than actually compiled .NET Core projects.

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