Confidently plan your cloud migration: Azure Migrate is now generally available

App Center Team

A few months ago, we announced Azure Migrate – a new service that provides guidance and insights to help you migrate to Azure. Today, we’re excited to announce that Azure Migrate is generally available.

Azure Migrate is offered at no additional charge and provides appliance-based, agentless discovery of your on-premises environments. It enables discovery of VMware-virtualized Windows and Linux VMs today and will enable discovery of Hyper-V environments in the future. It also provides an optional, agent-based discovery for visualizing interdependencies between machines to identify multi-tier applications. This enables you to plan your migration across three dimensions:

Readiness: Are the machines that host my multi-tier application suitable for running in Azure? Rightsizing: What size will my Azure VM be, based on my machine’s configuration or utilization? Cost: How much will my recurring Azure costs be, taking into account discounts like Azure Hybrid Benefit?

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