An Introduction to System.Threading.Channels

Shikha Kaul

“Producer/consumer” problems are everywhere, in all facets of our lives. A line cook at a fast food restaurant, slicing tomatoes that are handed off to another cook to assemble a burger, which is handed off to a register worker to fulfill your order, which you happily gobble down. Postal drivers delivering mail all along their routes, and you either seeing a truck arrive and going out to the mailbox to retrieve your deliveries or just checking later in the day when you get home from work. An airline employee offloading suitcases from a cargo hold of a jetliner, placing them onto a conveyer belt, where they’re shuttled down to another employee who transfers bags to a van and drives them to yet another conveyer that will take them to you. And a happy engaged couple preparing to send out invites to their wedding, with one partner addressing an envelope and handing it off to the other who stuffs and licks it.


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