Watch the latest Visual Studio extensibility videos

Mads Kristensen

We have been posting several short videos about Visual Studio extensibility to our YouTube channel in the past couple of months. We chose the topics for the first videos, but now it’s time for you to tell us what videos to record next.

The idea behind the short videos is to introduce extensibility concepts you may find useful. Perhaps you’ll even go ahead and implement some of them in your own extensions.

Often the concepts aren’t new but relatively unknown to Visual Studio extension authors. There’s always something to learn and we’ve found that short videos are a great way to show and tell.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the first batch of extensibility related videos, which include:

Find these and more videos on the Visual Studio YouTube channel in the Tips & Tricks playlist.

What videos should we do next?

We’d love to make more videos about Visual Studio extensibility and could use your help to come up with the right topics. So, if you want us to make a video covering any specific topic, let us know in the comments below. Please remember that the topic should fit a 5-minute video format.