Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); event recap

Jon Galloway

We had a great time at the Visual Studio for Mac: Refresh(); event on February 24th! All the videos, slides, and links to demo code are available for you to watch, use for your own virtual events, blog posts, etc. in this repo.

In case you couldn’t watch it then, here’s a session recap and links to the on-demand videos:

Keynote: A Fresh Look at Visual Studio for Mac

Video | Slides | Links

Amanda Silver (CVP of Product for Developer Division) kicked off the event by describing how Visual Studio for Mac fits in to Microsoft’s suite of developer tools that meet the challenges of modern software development. She reviewed the Visual Studio for Mac release roadmap, with a focus on recent improvements in stability, performance, and .NET developer features. Next, Aaron LeBeau (Mobile Technologies Tech Lead at EY) reviewed how his team uses Visual Studio for Mac to develop .NET applications, including web, mobile, and shared libraries. Finally, Scott Hunter wrapped up with a review of what’s new in .NET Core 3.1, with some compelling demonstrations running in Visual Studio for Mac. Image vsformacrefresh 3

Building Blazor applications on a Mac

Video | Slides | Links Daniel Roth (Program Manager for Blazor) and Kendra Havens (Program Manager on the Visual Studio team) gave an exciting introduction to building modern web applications using web assembly using Blazor. Learn how to get started building Blazor applications on Mac from this all-star team!

Realtime web applications, from your Mac to the Cloud, with SignalR + Azure

Video | Slides | Links

Brady Gaster (Program Manager for SignalR) showed how to build real-time web applications using SignalR, with lots of fun features like WebSockets on Azure App services, client targeting, Blazor integration, automatic reconnection, and scaling with Azure SignalR Service. Along the way, he showed off some cool Visual Studio for Mac features like Run Configurations and integrated Docker support. Let’s party in real-time!

ASP.NET Core on macOS

Video | Slides | Links

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and I overviewed web development using ASP.NET Core on macOS. Sayed demonstrated how the ASP.NET Core project templates make it easy to create new ASP.NET Core projects, including some more sophisticated cases like Blazor, React.js, and Angular projects with authentication. Once you get going, there’s also support for unit testing, scaffolding, and debugging. Sayed and Jon recommended the Razor Pages Movie tutorial for getting started with ASP.NET Core development on Mac.

Serverless on a Mac

Video | Slides | Links

Jeff Hollan gives a great introduction to serverless development using Azure Functions and Visual Studio for Mac. He starts with basic definitions and serverless application patterns, explains the different project templates, shows how to develop and debug locally on your Mac, then shows how to deploy to Azure from Visual Studio for Mac. Once your serverless applications are deployed, you’ll want to monitor and scale them, and Jeff shows how to do that, too.

Building Mobile Applications on .NET with Xamarin

Image vsformacrefresh 4Video | Slides | Links You can build mobile applications that run on iOS, Android, macOS, and more using Xamarin. Maddy Leger and James Montemagno introduce Xamarin, then show off tons of cool demonstrations of Xamarin development in Visual Studio for Mac. And now that we’ve got dual screen devices on the way, James and Maddy wrap up by showing off dual screen support in Xamarin.Forms.


Game Development with Unity

Video | Slides | Links

Want to learn about game development on Mac? Abdullah Hamed and Sarah Sexton have you covered! They start with overviewing the Unity environment, then dig into script editing and debugging features in Visual Studio for Mac. Finally, they show off some new features in Visual Studio for Mac 2019, like the Roslyn analyzers for Unity. During the Q&A section at the end, there’s some really good information on getting started resources and useful assets in the Unity Asset Store.

How to be productive developing .NET on a Mac

Video | Slides | Links

Ready to geek out on some cool tips and tricks for .NET dev on your Mac? Great! So are Mikayla Hutchinson and Kendra Havens! Get ready to learn about features that will speed up your code editing and navigation, simplify things like code formatting and searching, and much more. Two top short-links from this session that you’ll want to keep handy:

Closing and Virtual Attendee Party


Jeff Fritz and I recapped the event and raffled off lots of prizes. There are tons of trivia, a few of Jeff’s wacky sound effects, and a bonus demo from keynote demo speaker Aaron LeBeau showcasing a native Mac application he wrote on the plane using Visual Studio for Mac. And coming up, we’ve got Jeff Fritz’s “May is for Macs” Twitch stream series, when he’ll be spending the whole month developing .NET apps on macOS.


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