Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event agenda and speakers now published

Rajen Kishna [MSFT]

We’re only 15 days away from the general availability of Visual Studio 2019 and our virtual Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event. It’s been incredible to see all the buzz and excitement in the community around the launch, from the 180+ local launch events happening all across the globe over the next months to all the posts about the features you’re most excited about on Twitter. Today, I’m happy to share the full agenda for the Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event with you, alongside the list of speakers.

Pacific Daylight Time ‎(UTC-7)‎ Coordinated Universal Time ‎(UTC)‎ Session Speaker(s)
9:00 AM 16:00 Not your average keynote Scott Hanselman & friends
10:00 AM 17:00 Live Q&A with Visual Studio Big Wigs Amanda Silver & Joseph Hill
10:30 AM 17:30 Write beautiful code, faster Kendra Havens
11:00 AM 18:00 Streamline your dream dev team Allison Buchholtz-Au & Jon Chu
11:30 AM 18:30 Squash bugs and improve code quality Leslie Richardson
12:00 PM 19:00 Taking DevOps to the next level with GitHub and Azure DevOps Steven Borg & Stanley Goldman
12:30 PM 19:30 AI-infused break Seth Juarez
1:00 PM 20:00 Accelerate your C++ development Erika Sweet & Marian Luparu
1:30 PM 20:30 Cross-platform mobile apps made easy using Xamarin James Montemagno
2:00 PM 21:00 To the cloud with Visual Studio and Azure Andrew Hall & Paul Yuknewicz
2:30 PM 21:30 Build amazing web apps with .NET Core Dan Roth
3:00 PM 22:00 A tour of Visual Studio for Mac for .NET development Mikayla Hutchinson
3:30 PM 22:30 Amazing devs doing amazing things Jeff Fritz, Ginny Caughey (MVP), & Oren Novotny (MVP)
4:00 PM 23:00 #CodeParty Virtual Attendee Party, live on Twitch

As you can see, we have a day packed with exciting demos and conversations with the incredible people behind the products in store. Be sure to stick around for the #CodeParty Virtual Attendee Party closing out the day on, sponsored by our amazing Visual Studio partners. There will be plenty of opportunities to talk to our team, hang out, and of course win some awesome prizes. Check out the full list of partners behind the party on the launch event website.

Be a part of the launch celebration

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration if we’re the only ones celebrating. We’re hoping you’ll join in on the launch, here’s how you can participate:

  • #VS2019 on Twitter
    • Let us know what your favorite feature of Visual Studio 2019 is and what you’re most excited about
    • If you spot some of the hidden gems and Easter eggs we sprinkled throughout the keynote, show off your eye for detail online
    • During the sessions between 10 AM and 4 PM (Pacific Time) ask questions and we’ll do our best to get them in front of the speakers to be answered live
    • We’ll be streaming on Twitch all day (alongside YouTube and Channel 9) and we’ll have team members online to chat with and answer your questions
    • The #CodeParty at the tail-end of the launch event will be exclusively on Twitch, where you can hang out, chat with the people behind the products, and win prizes
  • Local launch events
    • There are over 180 local launch events happening across the globe between April 2nd and June 30th. Even if you can’t tune in live on April 2nd, these community-driven events will offer plenty of opportunities to learn and connect


Thank you for your enthusiasm about the launch so far and we hope to see you on April 2nd!


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  • Guy 0

    Is Mixer dead, why does Microsoft not use thier own tools?

    • PandaSharp 0


  • SuperCocoLoco . 0

    Why is Microsoft developing a unfinished product? No .NET Core 3.0 and a lot of bugs or unfinished elements like Intellicode. Nothing new to VB developers. It’s like an engineering prototype nearly to an Alpha stage. Since 2012 Microsoft is launching Alpha unfinished and untested products like RTM.

    • PandaSharp 0

      you’re talking about PREVIEW products, if you don’t want bugs or unfinished elements, don’t use PREVIEW products

      • SuperCocoLoco . 0

        No. I’m talking about Visual Studio 2017 RTM without any update, Office 2019 RTM, Windows 10 (any RTM version), Windows Server (any version since 2012, note that 2019 has no RTM version) and basically all Microsoft RTM products since 2012.

      • Wil Wilder Apaza Bustamante 0

        This comment has been deleted.

    • David Lloyd-Jones 0

      Unfinished product? Boy, am I glad I didn’t hold my breath waiting for them to get Windows For Workgroups 6.22 working.
      And this “avoid frequent sign-ins” thing I signed a couple of weeks ago? Sounds great. I signed it. Worked fine until tonight, but I’ve just been installing the first chunk of Visual Studio 2019. It has asked me to sign in something like eight times in the last three hours. Every new “blog” so-called, every new topic, every new offer, “Sign in” appears at the upper right of my screen. C’mon folks: once you’ve figgered something out, e.g. this no more unnecessary sign-in demands thingie, the trick is to keep doing it, OK?
      And while we’re at it, could we have a working Free-Cell back, please. No, not the one that comes with four other games and gets increasingly annoying over the months as you decline to pay them their $19.95 or whatever it is now. Not one of the slow clunky ones you have loaded up three deep in the store. just the original, fast, FreeCell that we paid for with Windows 95, OK?

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