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Visual Studio’s performance continues to be a hot topic for a lot of customers. We hear you and are investing to improve the performance of the product in those areas that are important to you. There are two key parts to our approach:

  1. Collecting feedback from you to prioritize our work
  2. Using instrumentation in Visual Studio v-next to collect data in cases where the product performs poorly

Collecting Customer Feedback We are working to make your feedback less ad hoc and give you a single place for feedback on Visual Studio Performance by implementing a UserVoice site specifically focused on performance. Please vote on the performance issues on the UserVoice site. This feedback will be incorporated into our plans as we prioritize our work.

Instrumentation Visual Studio PerfWatson is now a part of Visual Studio v-next. It enables us to collect data from when you experience a performance problem. This blog post describes how we are using the data to identify and fix performance problems. You can help by using PerfWatson with Visual Studio v-next. By combining your feedback with this data we a working to address those issues affecting you the most.

Thank you for your support,

Larry Sullivan Director of Engineering


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