New TypeScript Website

Bowden Kelly

Today we are thrilled to release a new TypeScript website! The new site delivers a fresh design, more up-to-date documentation, and soon a new series of quick start guides.


TypeScript is developed on GitHub, and as such, all of the documentation is written in markdown on the TypeScript Handbook repo. This is primarily done to easily allow contributions. Any community member can make edits to the documentation by simply dropping a pull request on the handbook repo. While this is great for community collaboration, previously, updating the website docs from the wiki was a very slow and manual process. The new site uses Jekyll to generate html pages from the wiki markdown pages. This means we can continue using GitHub to take community contributions on the docs, but also keep the website up-to-date with rapid updates.

The new site surfaces several significant documentation changes:

Quick Start Guides

One of the goals of TypeScript is to be usable anywhere that JavaScript is usable. However, given the vast combinations of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and tools, a new user can at times be overwhelmed while making the switch. To combat this, we are starting a series of quick start guides targeting specific workflows that we frequently hear are tough to setup. So far, we have started the following on GitHub and will move them to the new website as they are completed:

Is there a specific subject or set of docs that you are having a hard time understanding? Is there a specific workflow you are having trouble adding TypeScript to? Please let us know by dropping a comment below or creating an issue on GitHub!


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