Daniel Rosenwasser

Senior Program Manager, TypeScript

Daniel is the program manager of the TypeScript team. He started on the team as an engineer, and has a strong interest in programming languages, compilers, and great developer tooling.

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Announcing TypeScript 2.0 RC

TypeScript 2.0 is almost out, and today we're happy to show just how close we are with our release candidate! If you haven't used TypeScript yet, check out the intro tutorial on our website to get started. To start using the RC now, you can download TypeScript 2.0 RC for Visual Studio 2015 (which requires VS Update 3), grab it through NuGet, ...
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Announcing TypeScript 2.0 Beta

Today we're excited to roll out our beta release of TypeScript 2.0. If you're not familiar with TypeScript yet, you can start learning it today on our website. To get your hands on the beta, you can download TypeScript 2.0 Beta for Visual Studio 2015 (which will require VS 2015 Update 3), or just run This release includes plenty of new ...
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The Future of Declaration Files

Declaration files (.d.ts files) are a fundamental part of using existing JavaScript libraries in TypeScript, but getting them has always been a place where we've known there was room for improvement. As we get closer to TypeScript 2.0, we're very excited to show off a sneak peak of our plan to simplify things. Getting type declarations in ...
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Making New TypeScript Projects a Breeze

One of the goals of TypeScript has always been to make writing JavaScript projects a clean, easy, and simple process. We're always looking at where things could be improved and listening to the community to get ideas on how to do this better. You may've recently heard the term "JavaScript fatigue" thrown around to describe the feeling of ...
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