Aaron Hogue

Principal Software Engineering Manager, Azure.com

Aaron is a Principal Software Engineering Manager for Azure.com marketing site and helps drive sustainable engineering practices within the marketing platform. Before Microsoft he was at an EdTech startup, consulted for both private businesses and publicly traded fortune 100 companies as well as volunteering for non-profits. When not typing on his glowing mechanical keyboard you will likely find him relaxing at the oceanside, riding a dirt bike, or kayaking in SWFL.

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How Azure.com uses Serverless Functions for Consumption-based utilization and reduced always-on electric footprint

In June 2020, we shared how Azure.com achieves a global scale and how Sustainable Software Engineering principles were at the center. In this post we discuss how serverless architecture helped us create more sustainable apps and saved us 10x in azure spend for our data pipeline middleware. By shifting our workloads from always-on to on-demand...