Hersh Vakharia

Firmware Engineer Intern, Surface Duo Developer Experience

Hersh is a Computer Engineering student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is interested in robotics and computer vision and enjoys being a part of the Autonomous Robotic Vehicle team at his university.

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TwoDo dual-screen data entry sample

Hello Android developers! A common “first app” for new developers is a simple to-do list app – it typically incorporates data entry, database storage, multiple views, and simple navigation, so it’s great for learning. The app I’m sharing today, called TwoDo, is exactly that, except it is also built for dual-screen devices...

ExoPlayer video on dual-screen and foldable devices

Hello Android developers! The Microsoft Surface Duo is a great device for consuming multimedia content, and ExoPlayer is a simple, powerful widget for rendering video. Raymond and I are interns on the Surface Duo Developer Experience team, and we're excited to share two dual-screen enhanced samples that showcase video experiences on...