Christopher Maneu

Startups Cloud Advocate, Cloud Advocacy

Hi there, I'm a cloud engineer & developer advocate at Microsoft R&D. I work with, help and teach developers across the continent on cloud and open-source technologies. Before joining R&D, I helped large corporations and startups creating user-friendly apps & services and helping build teams behind these services. I used to be an engineering lead at Deezer, a worldwide music streaming service.

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CTO Choices – What happens when you need to choose your database?

Almost any application needs to keep track of some sort of state. Now, you have one of the most complicated choice of your architecture to make: which database to pick? You better have made the right choice the first time 😊.

CTO Choices – What happens when you need to choose your Frontend technology stack?

Building a robust technology stack from scratch is a challenging task. CTO Choices is a series of articles aimed at CTOs, Tech founders, and project creators. They help you ask yourself the right question to pick up your tools. We try hard to give you honest, enduring, and agnostic advice. That is why – to let our true self speak - the ...