Update on Problems with the Palm Treo 700w



previously mentioned
some problems I was having with the
Palm Treo 700w
and that these were not isolated issues. After several calls and more research I
have a few updates.

A lot of referrals came in from a
about the SMS text messaging issue for the Palm Treo 700w on the Verizon
network. Text messages are sent to tell Pocket Outlook to synchronize with the
server but unless you have the TXT Messaging feature on your plan you get
charged $0.10 per text message incoming or outgoing. You can either setup your
device to only sync on a schedule or ask Verizon about the PDA 2000 SMS

Regarding the stereo headset only playing the right channel, it turns out
that the left channel is dead on the Palm Treo 700w. I was afraid of that. Palm
does sell a
headphone adapter
that not only adapts the 2.5mm jack to a standard 3.5mm
jack for stereo headphones, but also splits the right channel so that it’s heard
in both ears. With stereophonic
dating back to 1937 and pretty much taken for granted in devices these
days, I’m a little disappointed about this. I wasn’t planning on using this for
in-flight entertainment since

Creative Zen Portable Media Center
so I’m not too displeased about this.

Regarding updates for the other problems including the 25-file limit for DRM-protected
music, Palm asked me to keep an eye on the
Palm Treo 700w
(Verizon) Support
site. Hopefully these updates won’t require a complete ROM
refresh but they weren’t sure.

Heath Stewart

Senior Software Engineer

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