New vswhere: now with more properties!



The latest release of vswhere now outputs additional properties as requested, along with catalog properties and a way to disambiguate nested properties – not that there are any currently. You can specify the nested properties followed by a property name like “properties/nickname”. Delimiters supported are “_”, “/”, and “.” to fit with the text, JSON, and XML formats. You can use any delimiter with any format, however.

The default output for an instance now looks like:

Most of the properties are provided through the ISetupPropertyStore. This interface is implemented by ISetupInstance objects, and provided by ISetupInstance2::GetProperties for custom properties. Starting with Visual Studio 2017 Update 3, you can also get catalog properties by calling IUnknown::QueryInterface on an ISetupInstance object for ISetupInstanceCatalog, which also provides an ISetupPropertyStore from ISetupInstanceCatalog::GetProperties. As we add new features that require persisting properties, they will automatically be exposed.

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