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Heath Stewart

Comments may be made on blog posts for up to 90 days and trackbacks are currently disabled until an issue is fixed. It is unfortunately given the educational nature of this blog, but this is a way to eliminate a lot of spam.

If you have questions about my post, I urge you to search my blog in whole first. If you do not find your answer, feel free to contact me. If the question warrants, I may create a blog post to further explain the answer for the benefit of the community. I will not use names in new posts if you contact me directly, but if you leave a comment for all to see on my blog I may use your moniker, given that I will link back to the comment with your moniker displayed anyway.

Please do not ask questions that are not relevant to the topic of the post. If you have general programming questions, try posting in a programming community like To report bugs on released products, visit If you want to report a bug or make a suggestion on upcoming products, use to find your product, and search to see if the bug or suggestion already exists. If the issue already exists, add your votes and comments to it; please don’t add noise by duplicating the issue. If the issue doesn’t exist, feel free to open a new issue.

I will udate this article when my comment policy changes.


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