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Sophia Lagerkrans-Pandey

Today we’re excited to announce the updated documentation on the Semantic Kernel learn site here: Introduction to Semantic Kernel | Microsoft Learn. We’ve updated the docs to include in depth samples, updated pages focused on concepts and much more for your learning!

Image learndocs

Key Enhancements:

We’ve updated the table of contents and layout of the learn site to include a concepts section focused on different features by page to understand and build on. We recommend looking at the Quick Start Guide to get started if you are starting to build out Semantic Kernel.

Image tableofcontents

We recommend starting on the Agents page (below image) and built on each concept from there. The Agents page will walk you through how to build out your first agent and continue on your Semantic Kernel journey in subsequent pages.

Image Screenshot 2024 06 27 092735


We’ll continue to make updates to our documentation, if you have feedback, please let us know. We’re always interested in hearing from you. If you have feedback, questions or want to discuss further, feel free to reach out to us and the community on the discussion boards on GitHub! We would also love your support, if you’ve enjoyed using Semantic Kernel, give us a star on GitHub.

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  • Sławek Rosiek 0

    1. In quick start guide you have such sentence:
    > If you’re a Python or C# developer, you can quickly get started with our notebooks

    Could you please add there link to your notebooks.

    2. Later you have such sentecnted:
    > To see the full list of supported services, refer to the supported languages article.

    Link directs to another page, but on first look it’s not related. Later I can find there is section about supported services. It would be great if you could fix link to provide directly to that paragraph.

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