The High Availability Conversation Part 1: Introduction

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In this post, Senior Consultant, Bradley Ball discusses High Availability for SQL Server.

In this latest blog post PSfD Consultant Bradley Ball begins the High Availability Conversation based off of a question on Twitter.  He answers the questions what do the Three Bears have to do with HA planning and the business users and IT management.  Let’s define a couple terms up front.  HA in this case is High Availability.  It is the capability for a database or data store to maintain availability and connectivity to a Graphical User Interface, Web Service, or some other data consuming application despite a localized outage or failure of the primary system.

High Availability is different from Disaster Recovery, or DR.  Disaster Recovery is required when a disaster, natural or man-made, prevents the use of resources within a data center and the hardware within to support regular business processes.  In this blog, we will be addressing HA only as that was what Kenneth had asked about.

A keen understanding of how business logic translates into technology workflows requires both IT and business leaders making the right decisions together.  Over this series he’s going to give you a couple examples on when HA was needed.  Some in which HA was not. Later we will discuss different HA technologies and understanding when each one is right for you.  First he will define some key things to cover in a High Availability Conversation between the business and IT, namely the Three Bears approach.

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