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Program Manager, PowerShell Core

Program Manager at Microsoft for PowerShell Core

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Welcoming the new home of PowerShell

It's been our intent for a while now to establish a single home of PowerShell that reflects the myriad of properties we have spread across the web. Between the Gallery, our blog, Connect, our GitHub repositories, and TechNet documentation, PowerShell is in a lot of places. Today we are proud to announce the launch of the new online home of ...
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DSC Resource Kit Moved to GitHub

We are proud to announce that the entire DSC Resource Kit has been open-sourced on GitHub. This means that we will be iterating and releasing these DSC resources quicker than ever before. It also means that we will be collaborating more openly with the community by accepting GitHub pull requests into our code.  For those of you ...

Community Feedback and Microsoft Connect

Community feedback is an integral part of any software development cycle. That's why we continue to release new preview versions of Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0: so that we can hear about and fix real-world problems before they ship with the next version of Windows. Historically, our guidance for filing bugs and feature requests...

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