Windows Phone Developer Tools April 2010 Refresh and the OData Client

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Two months ago we released an OData Library for the Windows Phone 7 – see the blog post here. If you have downloaded the recent April 2010 Refresh of the Windows Phone Developer Tools you will have found that there is an issue in the refresh of the tools with loading the OData library. If you reference the System.Data.Services.Client.dll assembly from the April 2010 Refresh of the tools and try to deploy your project you will see the following message (thanks to Tim Heuer for point this out):


The specific text of the error message is “Could not load file or assembly ‘{File Path}System.Data.Services.Client.dll’ or one of its dependencies”.

This is an issue with the way Authenticode signed assemblies are loaded in the new version of the tools. Included in the blog post by Tim Heuer is a PowerShell script that resolves the issue when run against the System.Data.Services.Client.dll assembly from the OData Windows Phone 7 library.


Shayne Burgess

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