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It’s been some time now since we switched from “incubation mode”, where it was just a couple of guys hacking stuff, into “production mode”, were we are building a product, following good engineering practices, spending a ton of time on every design detail and so on. We already have a solid Astoria team formed, but we could still use more help.

We are looking for developers to help with the quality assurance components of the Astoria project. This is a great opportunity to get involved with Project Astoria, shape its features and target scenarios, influence implementation strategies and figure out how to make sure that we know that the product is ready for production applications of all scales, from small test apps to the largest scale services out there on the Internet.

If you are interested in coming to work for Microsoft and for the Astoria team, drop us a note. You can send me email or just send a note through the email link in this blog. Please include your resume and contact information.

Pablo Castro

Technical Lead

Microsoft Corporation


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