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Are you going to TechEd EMEA this coming week?  If so, we’ve got the following data services focused sessions at the conference:

  • WUX 313 (Thursday @ 5:30) – Building and Consuming REST-based Data Services for the Web: In this session we’ll take a brief look at the "why" and "what" of data services and then throw away the slides and explore creating and consuming data services by example.  The talk will describe how to work with both MSFT’s cloud-based data services (Windows Azure, SQL Data Services, etc) as well as data services you create using the ADO.NET Data Services Framework.


  • WUX09-IS (Friday @ 9am) – Creating hybrid application/platform web properties using REST services: This talk is a deep dive into data services and looks at how to create a service tier capable of driving your sites application experiences as well as serving as an open, public facing data service for third party consumption.  In this session we’ll explore common considerations when building such a public facing data platform and see how some of the lesser known features in the data services framework can help..


We hope to see you there!


Mike Flasko

ADO.NET Data Services, Program Manager


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