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The OData team has been working on updating the OData Validator tool to support the new JSON format validation. We are pleased to announce that the tool now supports validating your V3 service for all three formats – ATOM, old JSON format (aka JSON Verbose) and the new JSON format. We are also working on adding OData V4 service validation support. We will continue adding more validation rules over the next few months.

Please check out the tool here : and provide us feedback.

About the tool

OData Validator is an OData protocol validation tool. We have gone through the OData spec and created a set of rules to validate against a given OData payload. You can point the tool to your service and choose what you want to validate. The tool will run the right set of rules against the returned payload and tell you which ones passed and which ones failed. The tool will also link you to the relevant spec section so you can open the spec to see what it says. The tool supports validating various OData payloads like service document, metadata document, feed, entity and error payloads.


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