Microsoft.AspNetCore.OData 9 Preview Release

Elizabeth Okerio

We are excited to announce the forthcoming major release of Microsoft.AspNetCore.OData, scheduled for June. In preparation for this significant update, we have made preview versions of the library available to gather early feedback from our community.

The following preview release is now available on NuGet:

Key Update

The primary change in this release is the update of the OData core libraries dependencies to the recently released OData Core 8.0.0-preview versions. To review the breaking changes and updates made in the OData Core libraries, which we have incorporated into this release, please check the following link. 

Additionally, this package now exclusively targets the .NET 8.0 framework.

We invite you to try out this preview version and share your feedback to help us improve the final release. Thank you for your continued support and contributions to the OData ecosystem.




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