[Announcement] RESTier – A turn-key solution to build OData services

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What is RESTier

RESTier is a RESTful API development framework for building standardized, OData V4 based REST services on .NET. It can be seen as a middle-ware on top of Web API OData.  RESTier is built with the inspiration of combining simplicity of WCF DS with the flexibility of Web API OData.

The main exciting features of RESTier are:

  • Help developer quickly build an OData service within minutes. You need just one controller, no more than 100 lines of code to easily bootstrap an OData service. 
  • Help developer easily add business logic into their services.

What about ASP.NET Web API OData?

As mentioned in the first part, RESTier is based on Web API OData. Web API OData will continuously be improved and RESTier will benefit from the improvements.

Getting started

The main getting started tutorials below show you how to user RESTier step by step.

Samples 1: Getting started – basic shows you how to use RESTier within minutes to build an OData V4 RESTful service.

Samples 2: Getting started – advanced  is based on the Getting started basic with more advance scenarios showing you how to add rich business logic to the RESTful service and fall back to Web API OData to enable complex features currently nor directly supported by RESTier.

Document and more samples

RESTier intends to be fully open-sourced, source code will be available on GitHub soon.

  • GitHub repository . We use GitHub to track issues. You can report bugs, provide improvement suggestion directly on GitHub
  • RESTier wiki . Detailed document and samples are available here.

All kinds of contribution and feedback are warmly welcomed.

Please be noted

  • RESTier is still at a preview stage.
  • RESTier currently only supports Entity Framework data provider. Other data providers will be added in the future.

Advice or suggestion

There are some issues with the comment system of MSDN blog. Any advice or suggestion please send to odatafeedback@microsoft.com or open GitHub issue on its repository listed above. 


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