[Announcement] ODataLib 6.1.0 release

Yi Ding - MSFT

Hi all,

As our commitment in rolling out new functionality in the OData V4 protocol continuously, we are excited to announce that OData Core Libraries 6.1 has been released to NuGet.  This release contains four packages, Core, EDM, Spatial and the .Net client.

Call to Action

If your team has an existing OData service or is considering adding an OData service, now is an excellent time to engage with us. In addition to building OData stacks, part of our charter is to help Microsoft align behind the OData protocol. If you need input on whether OData can do what your service needs to do, or input on what version of OData you should implement, please feel free to reach out to us at odatafeedback@microsoft.com.

Release Notes

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug for not adding OData-Version header automatically for IODataResponseMessage.
  • Fixed a bug for duplicate function-import element in ServiceDocument if a function is overloaded.
  • Improved the JSON serialization performance for Edm.Binary type.

New Features:

  • ODataUriParser supports new query option $search.
  • ODataUriParser supports $count, $filter, $top, $levels, $orderby, $search and $skip in expand.
  • EdmLib supports adding Core.Description and Core.OptimisticConcurrencyControl annotation through API directly. 


The OData Team


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