SharePoint PnP Partner Story – Aequos – Building SharePoint Intranet for IDRC

Vesa Juvonen

In this SharePoint PnP Partner Story, we concentrated on showing how aequos built a SharePoint intranet using the PnP Intranet starter kit. Aequos is Montreal based company providing services and solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises. They have built the PnP Intranet Starter Kit and are providing the source code as an open source solution from the GitHub.

PnP Intranet Starter Kit uses many of the PnP patterns and practices in deployment and in the actual implementation. It’s a great reference solution showing different technical details on how to build modern Intranet capabilities on top of the SharePoint.

Presentation section covers following topics

  • Introduction to customer case – IDRC and aequos
  • What is PnP Starter Intranet solution for SharePoint
  • Modifications which were done for the IDRC deployment
  • PnP Intranet Starter Kit v2.0 – Features

Webcast contains multiple demos showing the different topics around the solution

Video Presenters: Denis Turgeon (IDRC), Franck Cornu (aequos), Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft)

Video at YouTube.

Additional resources

See following resources around the covered topics and mentioned resources.

What is SharePoint Patterns & Practices (PnP) initiative?

SharePoint / Office Dev Patterns and Practices

PnP is community-driven open source project where Microsoft and external community members are sharing their learning’s around implementation practices for Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises (add-in model). Active development and contributions happen in our GitHub repositories. Latest activities and future plans are covered in our monthly release notes and community calls which are open for anyone from the community.

This is work done by the community for the community without any actual full-time people. It’s been great to find both internal and external people who are willing to assist and share their learning’s for the benefit of others. This way we can build on the common knowledge of us all. Currently, the program is facilitated by Microsoft, but already at this point, we have multiple community members as part of the Core team and we are looking to extend the Core team with more community members.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback around PnP program or this blog post, please use the Microsoft Tech Community (SharePoint Developer group).

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Vesa Juvonen, Senior Program Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft – 17th of October 2017

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